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Medical Billing, Coding, & Medical Software

Physical Therapy | Occupational Therapy | Speech Therapy

Effective billing and collections requires structured processes, timely communication and specialty knowledge.

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Successful practices today embrace technology to help drive the efficiencies necessary to offset declining payments.

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Ancillary Services

As a key partner, we offer much more than just billing and collection services to assist your practice.

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Welcome to Momentum Billing

Momentum Billing offers a refreshing change from the norm. We are uniquely positioned in the marketplace between traditional “SmallCo Billers” and “BigCo Billers.” Both have their pros and cons but neither fully meet a practice’s needs. You are faced with making trade-offs and left with a less than ideal solution.

Momentum Billing offers a unique combination – the latest in revenue cycle technology and knowledge combined with a dedication to individual and personalized service. This combination allows us to optimize a solution that best fits your practice!

One of the most critical choices a practice must make is how to effectively and efficiently handle its revenue cycle activities. A practice’s revenue cycle is defined as the time between a patient’s first contact with the clinic for scheduling until the final claim associated with that visit is paid. Inefficiency in this cycle results in long payer lead times, increased accounts receivable, loss of revenue, and frustrated patients and employees.

At Momentum Billing, we offer years of experience in the areas of billing and collections, technology, workflow design and implementation, and overall practice management. Our forward-thinking solution is built on the goals of improving office efficiency, increasing practice revenue, reducing cash-to-cash cycle time, and improving the patient’s healthcare experience.

What We Offer

As a Platinum Partner of AdvancedMD, our billing and collections services have been recognized as some of the best in the industry.  We recognize how important it is to have predictable, steady cash flow, low accounts receivable and happy patients.  Quite simply, billing and collections is our core service and we deliver exceptional results.
We bring a complete suite of technology and software solutions to your practice including full integration with WebPTtm and OptimisPTtm.  Our billing and collections work is performed on the same system from which you schedule and if elected, perform electronic documentation.  These cloud-based systems are the future of healthcare technology so do not get left behind!
Our solution includes contracting and credentialing assistance which is an integral part of a practice’s revenue strategy in today’s complex world of payers, networks and middle-men.  We guide you through a data-driven decision-making process regarding which networks to join and whether your particular practice should be in-network or out-of-network with key payers.
Compliant treatment protocols and treatment documentation are essential for mitigating audit risk in your practice.  Equally important is understanding the intricacies of optimal billing in order to ensure you are fully compensated for the services you provide for your patients.  We are experts in both of these areas and provide both up-front and ongoing training to clinical and office staff.
It is important to remember your medical practice is a business!  Revenue and expenses yield net profit, or worse, a net loss.  Understanding the operational triggers driving revenue and expenses along with embracing key industry metrics such as Days in AR, Average Payment per Encounter, AR over 90 Days Aged are paramount to creating and maintaining a successful practice.  We provide you with the information and metrics required to stay on top of your financial results.