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The following provides answers to some of the frequently asked questions about Momentum Billing’s medical billing services.


If you have any other questions please call us at (866) 875-6527, or email

Momentum Billing licenses and co-brands its medical billing software from an industry-leading healthcare technology company, ADP AdvancedMD, to deliver a web-based, fully integrated practice management solution. The technology platform has robust scheduling, patient, documentation and reporting modules as well as optional eSuperbills, ePrescribe, eEligibility and electronic health records (EHR). We also integrate directly with WebPTtm and OptimisPTtm so demographic and billing data flow directly into our billing system the moment documents are signed and approved.
Through the use of innovative, HIPAA-compliant cloud server technology, moving information from your clinic(s) to Momentum Billing occurs simply by dragging and dropping files into a folder we place onto your desktop. It is incredibly fast, easy and efficient!
95% of all claims are submitted to the payers within 24 hours of receipt, excluding weekends and holidays. The remaining 5% are batches received late and/or claims that need additional information from the clinic before being accurately submitted.
We understand how busy and hectic your office can be so in lieu of calling or emailing you with requests, Momentum Billing creates a Client Request Log (CRL) for each clinic location where information requests are logged by us. Your office staff can open the log at THEIR convenience and resolve the outstanding items when they have the time. This log also provides a great tracking tool to determine if there are reoccurring issues that need to be resolved through additional training.
Our goal is to submit as many of your claims electronically as possible. Many of our clients have 90% or more of their claims sent out electronically. In addition, we sign you up with as many payers as possible to receive your payments via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) with an Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA).
Both insurance and patient payments go directly to your practice. You report those payments along with any paper EOB’s and paper denials to Momentum Billing through a payments batch submitted through the drag and drop file transfer process outlined above. However, because of our focus on EFT/ERA’s, as much as 90% of your payments can come electronically.
Yes. Momentum Billing has a robust, rules-based claim scrubber that catches coding and field entry errors before the claim is sent. We actually customize this scrubber by specialty to ensure clean claims go out the door. Our first pass denial rate is in the low single digits!
The workflows and processes that make up Momentum Billing’s solution are full of checks and balances to ensure nothing is missed. For example, we reconcile charges against the scheduler every day so no visits “fall through the cracks.”
Our technology platform has a customizable collections module which means we set up detailed, custom collections worklists tailored to your practice’s payer mix. This tool allows Momentum Billing to keep your Accounts Receivable well below the MGMA average for your specialty which means more of your money is in your pocket versus tied up in the practice.
With the exception of collecting upfront monies, Momentum Billing handles all patient billing activities including sending out monthly statements, following up on outstanding balances (calls, letters), taking all incoming patient calls, and escalating to third-party collections if necessary and if approved by you. However, we train your office staff and show you how to collect as much patient money as possible upfront at the time of the visit to minimize patient balances.
Patients will call Momentum Billing directly with any questions about their statement.
Momentum Billing produces a comprehensive set of monthly reports just days after month-end so the information you receive is thorough and timely. Our advanced reporting capabilities provide you with the actionable data you need to manage your practice like the business it is.
We offer a comprehensive, web-based practice management system as a core part of our solution. Momentum Billing can truly customize and personalize a solution that meets YOUR needs. Momentum Billing offers a complete solution for your practice. We address all components of the revenue cycle, not just the medical billing and collection activities. Our processes and workflows are scalable and full of checks and balances which means we can easily accommodate growth in your practice. Transparency! You see what we see in the practice management system. You can review all patient account detail including demographics, visits, charges, payments, adjustments, collection notes, and more. Momentum Billing provides comprehensive practice reporting to give you the actionable insight you need to manage your practice like the business it is.Progressive, innovative thinking from a skilled team focused on delivering efficiency, profitability and peace of mind to you and your practice. Quite simply….more money, less headaches!
For the most part, our fee is based on a percentage of the money we collect and post to patient accounts for you. There is also a nominal database fee which varies depending on the modules we implement for your practice. Rest assured, although our solution delivers more features and services than a traditional medical billing company, Momentum Billing’s fees are very comparable to industry billing rates.