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Momentum Medical Billing Services

Will transform the way you handle your medical billing… easily and effortlessly!

In today’s environment, challenges in the revenue cycle for a practice consist of:

– Complex payer rules
– Constantly changing industry regulations
– Falling reimbursements
– Lagging technologies
– Operational inefficiencies

Momentum Billing’s superior industry knowledge, cutting-edge technology, structured workflows and processes, customized and proprietary tools, and best-in-class customer service provide the foundation for our unique, personalized approach to medical billing services. Momentum Billing’s success is based on its best-in-class revenue cycle management activities, including:

– Patient scheduling and intake

– Charge capture and claims processing

– Optimal coding

– Payment posting and denial management

– Accounts receivable management

– Patient account management

– Contracting and credentialing assistance

– Compliance training and education

– Training on payer guidelines and      documentation requirements


– Web-based practice management software

– Opt. integration of EHR patient & referring provider portals & CC processing

– Advanced practice reporting and analytics