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Momentum Billing in San Diego


Momentum Billing is headquartered in beautiful San Diego, California. The company was formed by two principals with many years of healthcare industry experience who believed in a better way to optimize medical billing practices and deliver enhanced billing services. In fact, although billing is in our name and at our core, our solution extends far beyond traditional medical billing and collection activities. Momentum Billing is a true business and technology partner whose primary focus is to drive efficiency and profitability in a practice.

Our Business

Healthcare is the last large “vertical” to be touched by technology from top to bottom. Specifically, small to mid-sized outpatient medical practices have been operating inefficiently and experiencing declining reimbursements for many years. The profit squeeze is on and many practices are struggling right now. Momentum Billing fills this need by providing small to mid-sized practices with the medical billing software¬†and services they require to increase efficiency and profitability.

Our Clients

Momentum Billing is committed to providing our clients with best-in-class, responsive customer service. Through constant communication with providers and office personnel, we strive to make your billing experience an enjoyable one. We provide ongoing training for your practice as the revenue cycle environment changes. We don’t get paid until you get paid so our goals are aligned! Furthermore, we recognize we are an extension of your practice and all interaction with your patients is done in a professional manner. Patients are the life blood of any practice. Treating them with the same high level of service they would receive in your office is our top priority. We take the time to work through and proactively resolve any issues that may arise on either the client or the patient side.

Our Employees

Momentum Billing recruits only the best talent to manage your revenue cycle activities. We have a proficiency in attracting and retaining high-performing employees. Each employee is carefully selected based on a variety of factors such as industry knowledge, specialty knowledge, work ethic, personality and commitment to the company. Through the use of industry Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s), Momentum Billing constantly and consistently manages employee performance and productivity with the end goal of maximizing client and patient satisfaction.

Our Philosophy

Momentum Billing strives to be the company of choice for revenue cycle management in the outpatient medical practice industry. Toward this end, we serve our clients ethically, honestly and with integrity. We solicit client feedback, and every day we strive to improve the quality of our medical billing services and our solutions through attention to detail, responsiveness and technology.